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10 Best Gifts to Give Your Friend On Birthday


Everyone loves birthday especially birthday parties; I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t like birthday parties. But with birthday parties one more thing comes that is tension. Yes, you read it right tension, a tension of what to gift your friend on his or her birthday. So here we have chosen 10 Best Birthday gifts for friends for you.  It is a big burden because we don’t get ideas about what we should gift them on their birthday so friends we are here to remove all your tension about a gift. Below we are giving you 10 Best Birthday gifts for friends.

Best friend Birthday Gifts

#1 Birthday Gift for girl: Beautiful dress with accessories

You can give a ravishing dress to you friend with matching accessories and boys you can give a shirt with matching tie. This gift will come in use of them whenever they go somewhere.



#2 Birthday gift for Boy: Branded watch

Though nowadays everyone sees time on mobile phones but watch will always remain a style statement. Both for girls and boys it’s a useful and thoughtful gift to give on your friend’s birthday.


#3 Mesmerizing sprays for men and women: Birthday gift idea

A branded perfume is a something you can gift to your friends .boys usually like strong fragrance perfume whereas girls love mild aroma perfume. So pick up scents according to your friend taste.




#4 Exotic handbag and wallet: Expensive Happy Birthday gift

More than dresses these days women are mad about handbags doesn’t matter how many handbags they already have but they like to collect more handbags. So you can gift a stylish handbag to your friend and boys also love to keep wallets so gift them a leather wallet this birthday.

gift-for-girls-happy birthday



#5 Nail styling kit and play station: birthday gift for her

Every girl loves her nails and love to wear different nail paints. If your friend also loves nail art so you can gift her a nail styling kit so whenever she want she can give a new look to her nails. Boys we also have an idea for you as kids are crazy about gadgets so gift him play station, don’t think about their age all boys love play station so this can be a good option for you.




Best Birthday gifts for friends

#6 I- pod and headphones: Close friend birthday gift

Everyone love listening music. Whether we are doing work or we are in the bathroom, we want music with us. So for music lovers what can be a better gift than an i-pod and headphone? Gift them these two items, and sure they will love it. And if you are searching for happy birthday wallpaper for girlfriend 2017 than you will really love it.

birthday-gift for-friend


#7 Throw a party: best gift ever

You can arrange a huge birthday bash for your friends. Prepare a surprise party at any farm house or his favorite place and invite all his friends and give surprise to them.



#8 Earrings and key rings: Top birthday gift for girl

Nowadays it’s in fashion, that girls are wearing only earrings and not necklace as earrings are coming in different styles and they are apt for any occasion. So you can gift her beautiful, stylish earrings and for boys, key ring with his name on it, for his car and bikes is the best idea for the gift.




#9 Handmade cards: Simple gift idea for birthday kid

Some people are sensitive; they appreciate hand mad e-cards and gifts rather than gifts you buy from the market. So make a card for them. Write all your feelings, your memories in it and with your creativity amazed them on their birthday.



#10 Mouth watering chocolates

If you don’t have any idea what to gift, and whether he or will like your gift. So you can gift them chocolates. Everyone love chocolates but no one buys chocolates for themselves so gives them chocolates according to their taste.



Some like wine chocolates; some like dark chocolates etc. so pick their favorite chocolates and make their birthday sweeter.

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