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5 Tips to Impress Your Loved One with a Perfect Birthday Wish

Every person has only one Birthday a year. That means that this day is supposed to be special. Without any doubt, kind words can only make it better. You should the right words and have a right approach in order to impress your love. Saying just something or anything won’t do. Moreover, it can even hurt your chances to appear as kind, caring, and understanding partner. You only have one chance to wish a Happy Birthday. Therefore, you need to make it right in order for it to work out perfectly. Read the following info to know how to make a good Birthday Wish for your partner.

Perfect Birthday Wish

Make it Original

Whatever you come up with, it should be original. The best wishes are original ones. Thus, you need to make an effort if you want to come up with something really creative. Your wish to a person you think is special should be unique just as this person is unique for you. The trick is that any template will ruin your chances to be original. Following the examples is the opposite of being original. With such approach you’re just copy pasting what other people made and hundreds of others already used. Think of what you like most about your partner and apply to it in your wish. Remember something from the past you share or refer to something you both like.

Make It Personal

Your wish should be personal. It should come from your hear and express your gratitude for the possibility to know your partner. It should not just say that you wish a Happy Birthday because it should also contain the expression of your love.  Therefore, your wish should contain some part of your personality and reference some part of your partner’s personality as well. This is what means making a wish sound personal.

Put Some Feeling in It

When you wish a Happy Birthday to just somebody you barely you just can’t put a lot of feeling in it. On the contrary, when you wish a Happy Birthday to your loved one putting some feeling in it is essential.IN other words, the wish should come from your heart. If you really love your partner, whatever you do will be met with excitement. Because it is you who makes it and not somebody else. Using the words love, heart, eternity, and other like them is pretty effective. True love is eternal. And words have a lot of power. Therefore, try using clever and substantial words to express your feelings in a right way.

A Surprise

Like with present, a surprise is always better than something that is expected. Make your wish surprising. One of the best ways to do it to make a wish the first second after your partner’s Birthday has started. Another one is to wait till the evening and do it then. Often, a wish comes along with a present. So, try taking your partner by surprise when he or she least expects it. Without any doubt, this will double the effect of your wish.

Do It Alone

Finally, you should be one on one with your partner when you make the wish. Being alone together helps you concentrate on each other. Other people will only confuse and distract you.

Try to arrange the intimate atmosphere. Perhaps, consider lighting some candles and turning on music.



I can’t imagine what my life would be without you and I appreciate you more and more each day. Let each of your Happy Birthdays be better with every time. Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate the fact that you’ve been born. I hope to be with you at your every Birthday! Congratulations, my love!

The day you were born was the best day. And today we commemorate it. I love you and wish you all the best! Congratulations, my dear!

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