Funny Happy Birthday SMS

Funny Happy Birthday SMS For Friend that will make them cry laughing


We all know that we are growing old, but still, we wait for this day. That is Birthday. In your childhood, everyone must have celebrated his birthday. Buying new clothes, shoes, accessories, demanding gifts from your parents, giving an invitation to your all friends, decorations of the house with balloons and ribbons, blowing candles, cutting the cake and then wishing birthday. That all we know about the birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday SMS For Friend

Now the time has changed, a way of celebrating a birthday is also changed. Now birthday parties are organized in hotels and other places. Youngster celebrates in their way. Some people plant a tree; some prefer to celebrate their birthday in a nursing home or orphanage some people visit the temple. Church, mosque according to their religion and some organize hawan at their home on their birthday. Check out these Funny Happy Birthday quotes said by famous people.


Birthdays are celebrated all over the world with different style and manner. There are also different ways of wishing birthday. Some wish birthday by giving birthday bumps, some wish by singing the birthday song, some wish by giving flower and gifts. You feel special when someone wishes you birthday you want to receive wishes in huge amount. Like you want to receive wishes other also wanted same.

So make the feel special on their day. I brought funny happy birthday SMS for you. You can bring a smile on his/her face on his birthday by sending them funny SMS of birthday. What can be a better gift from your side then a smile on their face?

We have the latest collection of funny happy birthday SMS for you with lots of jokes that will not let your friend forget how you wished them. You can choose your favorite funny wishes for a best friend and send it your friend or anyone on Facebook, their cell phone, etc. Best way is to send them happy birthday memes.

We know that you have given a gift to others on their birthday, but we also have a gift for you that is these funny happy birthday message for friends are of free cost. So celebrate your loved one birthday with these SMS.


Funny Happy Birthday SMS

  1. I wish you a wonderful birthday,
    I wish you happiness, health, and success
    in everything you do and
    I hope all your wishes will come true.
  2. Like a fine bottle of wine you better with age,
    Keep the flowing strong and free.
    Happy birthday to you.
  3. Happy birthday
    May this birthday not be your last!
  4. Another year, another new place that aches.
  5. You’ve survived another year. Although you’re older, it’s better than the alternative. Congratulations!
  6. On Your birthday, I would like to give you some pearls of wisdom…Smile while u still have your teeth intact.
  7. Count your blessings, not your wrinkles.
  8. Don’t worry about your future, I am sure you will have a bright one, don’t worry about the past, you can’t change it, don’t worry about the present, I have not got one for you!
  9. You’re not thirty; you’re eighteen with twelve years of experience.

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