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Funny happy birthday poems for best friend


Funny birthday poems for friend: One more birthday, one more year passed, you are growing older but you still celebrate this day with happiness, and this is right as we should look on the brighter side of life, not on the darker side. So find below funny birthday poems for friend that rhyme.

If it is our friend’s birthday then we awake till the midnight, and when the clock struck 12 in the midnight, we wish them with our same boring style and say happy birthday and them also for formality say thanks to us. Why don’t you this time wish them in a unique style and give them a surprise with the poems that we are providing you in this post funny birthday poems for friend.

I know, you must be worried about what unique gift you should give to your friend, then our suggestion makes a handmade greeting card for your friend. Write down funny happy birthday poems for best friends inside it so that when your friend open your card, they have a big smile on their face. If you can bring a smile on your friend’s birthday, then you can’t give a better gift then this, and now if you think that from where you will get such funny poems then you don’t have to worry about this, we are providing you bunch of funny poems.

Funny happy birthday poems for best friend


  1. SummerFunny-happy-birthday-poems-for-best-friends
    Comes around just once each year,
    Creates a stunning atmosphere.
    A heated party, beginning till end,
    The place to be is Disneyland.
    Enjoyment and smiles, plentiful and ripe,
    Abundant activities, deserving the hype.
    Waters edges, they all seem to swarm,
    Sandy days, with Sunny and Warm.
    Summers birthday, they all wish to join,
    She barbecues delicious sirloin.
    Do not upset her; she’ll send in the rain,
    Random weather cannot explain.
    The ageless wonder, since birth we have known,
    Temperature rising, statistics have shown.
    Share your birthday with Summer our dear,
    Through thoughtful actions protect our blue sphere.
    By Martin Dejnicki
  2. Can’t Rememberfunny-birthday-poems-Can't-Remember
    I wish you something, just can’t remember,
    Don’t be upset, you’re my family member.
    It was clearly, on my mind,
    With so many thoughts, it’s hard to find.
    Maybe it’s simply not that essential;
    Please lose that frown; you have so much potential.
    On second thought, it might be coming back to me,
    Now I know, why those brain pills were free.
    Visions appear of colorful balloons,
    In the background, I hear those fine tunes.
    Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,
    It must be your birthday, as I awake.
    By Martin Dejnicki
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  3. Happy birthday!funny-poem-happy-birthday
    You may look a little older; Sadly youth doesn’t come cheap,
    So skip all those Botox parties,
    And just get your beauty sleep.
    Be glad you’re young at heart,
    And still look as good as gold,
    Too bad you’re not a millionaire,
    And can’t put your looks on hold.
    I knew this gift would make you smile;
    It’s perfect for your many adventures,
    Now you can take a bite out of life,
    With a pair of brand-new dentures.
    Happy birthday, old fart!
  4. Happy birthday!Happy-birthday-poems-for-best-friend
    You’re still a teenager at heart,
    Eating in your bed is routine,
    Early-bird dinners are not your style,
    Midnight pizza is more your scene.
    No one has a right to call you old,
    You can still pass for middle-aged,
    All your parts hurt but still work,
    With the right nip, tuck, and dosage.
    You have never looked so young,
    Your head’s still hairier than your ears,
    Your arms don’t jiggle like Jello,
    And zits still reduce you to tears.

Friends we are providing you happy birthday poems for a friend, you will get here lots of funny poems that you can send or write down in your greeting cards for your friend. You can download as many as birthday poems for best friend from our website. We have a huge collection of birthday poems and these all poems are unique that you and your friend will love it. So download these poems and astonish your friend on his birthday.

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