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Happy birthday emoji Images and How to use them

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Happy birthday emoji to all. Haha.

Well, we use emoji all over our conversation in online to express emotion. Like smiling emoji is for showing that we are happy or liked what we are doing and so forth there are many emojis coming out by various companies including google. But what exactly you should use for a birthday is the question of the hour?

Well, it is very easy for you to as I have already done homework for you.

I have researched over the internet and communicated with my friend to know what are their preferences for Birthday Emojis and converted their feedback into this post.

Go below and look for the best happy birthday emojis images and how to use them to make the birthday wishes more unique and interesting to look at.

Hello mates today I will share a new article with you, this article is in trend, but before understanding this, we should know few terminologies related to it.

This is happy birthday emoji and we will be discussing the importance of emoji in a special anniversary, and further you will come to know everything about emoticons how they originated and became popular.

Friends birthdays is not only the day when we were born but it’s also the only truth which will be with us forever, it will never going to change, happy birthday is celebrated in almost every part of the world.

But now the trend has changed earlier birthday celebration were confined to four walls but now with the passage of time birthdays are celebrated in ‘IN world’ that is internet world. So sending birthday wishes are not sufficient for a particular person. You will also like the article birthday memes for friends which are funny and sarcastic.

Birthday’s celebration is made online in addition to birthday greetings, memes, and emoji. Friends, aren’t you curious to know what emoji are? We will now describe what emoji are actually.

What are emoji?

According to Wikipedia Emoji is directly or indirectly related to smiley, it is developed and discovered in Japan, and it gains worldwide popularity on Apple devices. These are faces or expression which find their use in communication devices and web pages.

Apart from faces and expression emoji are available in almost every form like nature, animals, food. They are small, cute and funny. In simple terms, emoji can be defined as a visual form of any emotion it can be funny, smiling, sad, angry and much more.

If you had notice then you must be aware of something related to emoji, they appeared earlier in the 1990s in MSN, Orkut, and other messenger services, but they didn’t gain popularity and as we all know that history repeats itself, so emoji are very popular now in every platform.

They are very widely used in social networking site like Facebook, Instagram and also on messaging service like WhatsApp, hike, in fact, a conversation is considered dull without emoji. On the different side, the conversation becomes interesting with the use of emoji.

Actually, emoji is a part of life and we all use it .so how can we forget the use of emoji in our birthday? Folks, now we will talk about happy birthday emoji, and I bet you all will love it.

Gone are the days of traditional birthday celebration now the technology is developing at a very profligate rate and as so everyone has become fast and the internet is playing a role, now everyone wishes birthday online with just images, memes, and emoji.

Emoticons are amusing and beautiful, and so you can imagine the effect of it on your birthday it’s like birthday cake with honey resulting in double sweetness.

Happy birthday emoji copy and paste

Friends until now we have seen the importance of emoticons on our birthday now we will tell you how to implement this and brings a smile on your friends face. It will be incorrect if I use the word friend because birthday emoticons can be shared with everyone it is made for every relation whether you want to talk about friend, family or even to your boss.

  • List of Birthday-related emojis.
  1. ? Birthday
  2. ? Raising Hands
  3. ? Birthday Cake
  4. ? Shortcake
  5. ? Balloon
  6. ? Party Popper
  7. ? Wrapped Gift
  8. ?️ Candle

You can imagine the popularity of emoji by the fact that Facebook has introduced some new emoji button on their website including sadness and anger. A user can rate the post or pic according to him if he likes it just click on happiness button if it makes you feels angry a red anger face is there.

Finding right emoticons for the right time to the right person sometimes may be a hectic task but don’t worry we have the best collection of emoji which you will surely love.

To wish someone on their birthdays you just have to copy the emoji from below and simply paste it to the birthday person message. This will surely make him smile and made him feel special.

Emoji are available in different expression and colors. Below you will find wide varieties of emoji do share it with your friends.

Happy Birthday emoji GIF’s

To use them, just right-click on them and save it your desktop and upload it by dragging it to messengers like web WhatsApp or facebook chat. And to save these gifs in mobile, you just have to hold the finger in emoji you want to send and then one popup will come, touch on the save and wola you are good to go. Just use it in your messenger like you upload image or attachment and it will appear as moving image.

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