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Happy Birthday for one-year-old quotes wallpapers


Happy Birthday for one-year-old quotes wallpapers: Newborn baby is a special member of the family, and when she or he completes one-year life it is a special time for all family member to celebrate it will full honor and enjoyment to show happiness. The first birthday is very important as one year is very crucial for life as a baby is still very small and under major development. Here in this post, you will find birthday wishes for one-year-old baby girl or boy. Hope you have fun while reading them!

Before selecting birthday quotes for one-year-old, you must see your relationship. Father will send different birthday quotes wallpaper than relatives of the newborn. So below you will find a pool of wallpapers and wishes which have a different style for every relationship.

These wallpapers have text quoted in them which are great to share them on WhatsApp and Facebook with your friends. And tell them it’s newborn birthday.


It is certain that one year will not understand the messages shared with him, but most probably it will be read by one-year-old parents or siblings.

1st Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Messages

Before you start your search for birthday verse for 1-year-old boy or girl you may start with the wrong approach. Because you may be focusing on 1-year-old, but you should be thinking about the parents. Because they are the one who will be reading it for the one-year-old.

And it sometimes can become difficult because it is indirectly sent to mom or dad. So as soon as you get down to selecting birthday wishes for 1-year-old, you must think it as will mom and dad will like it.

Also, another way to selecting the birthday verse and wallpapers is by picking the birthday message that best expresses how cute, the handsome baby is to you. Because every parent like to hear that their child is cute and beautiful.



You can also be funny at the message for one-year old by poking fun that junior has brought to lives of mom and dad.

Select any best wallpaper from below and download it share with your family members or friends to show one-year-old birthday of intent one.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to Baby Boy

  1. Now you are learning how to walk, and next year you will learn how to run.

  2. Enjoy doing both of them! Happy 1st birthday my dearest one!

  3. Happy Birthday you little one! I wish you to have a lovely day and the best in life!

  4. The first is the best! I wish you a giant cake and a mountain of toys!

  5. It is your very 1st birthday. Wishing you a good start my little rascal!

  6. You have turned 1 today. I wish that you enjoy every moment of your birthday, your first cake, first candle and Happy Birthday song!


Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to Baby Girl

  1. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful princess in the entire world! May your life be a wonderful adventure full of happiness and joy.

  2. Have you Been Moonlighting in my Life as my Pillar of Strength and support while you’re actually an Angel sent from the Heavens? You’re too good to be True! I Wish you a Very Happy 1st Birthday Wishes to U.

  3. Birthday’s are Fun No Matter how Old You are Special Girls like you Deserve extra Special Birthday Wishes and Here they come from me to you Have a very 1st Happy Day Wishes from me.

  4. Your first Birthday has Made us all excited so I hope you are going to enjoy This! Celebrate Your 1st


  5. You are Turning One year Old Today and we are so excited some people think it’s our Own Birthday Party. Happy 1st Birthday Greetings to U!

  6. My darling little Cutie Pie, you are totally a big Ball of Fun. Happy 1st Birthday To You, Sweet Little One!



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