Best Friend happy birthday wishes Marathi

Happy birthday wishes for best friends in Marathi


Friends and best friend what’s the difference no one knows but the first one to wish birthday is known as the best buddy for the birthday guy or girl. Here we are sharing some best Happy birthday wishes for best friends in Marathi.

Birthday, the day you were the only one in mind of your mom and dad as well as relatives the day of your arrival on earth as a gift for your mom and dad or as a brother or sister to your elder’s or an important addition to your family.

Happy birthday wishes for best friends in Marathi

But what about the friends you hang out with they are the ones with whom you first met when your moms or dads friend came at your place with a same looking character like you in their hands at the age of 2 or 3 they are the ones whom you met in school at the age of 4. They are the once with whom you met at football ground at the age of 8 or 10. They are the ones with whom you shared your bag full of CD’s of games at the age of 12-14. Send these Vadhdivas Shubhecha or birthday wishes to your Marathi friends or someone in Mumbai.


Birthday wishes for best friends in Marathi language

vhawas tu shataushi,
vhawash tu deerghayushi
hi majhi ekach ichha
Tujha bhavi jeevnaa sathi.
…Vadhdiwasachya hardik shubhechha…


Marathi Birthday wishes for friends

Pratyek kshaala
Padaavi tujhi bhool,
Khulaves Tu Sadaa
Banun Hasrese Phool,
Vadhadivasachya Hardik Shubhechchhya


To kshan dekhil kshanbhar aplaach asto,
Ani kshanatch mag to parka hoto,
Kshan molache jagun ghe,
Je kahi have te magun ghe,
Janara tya kshanana ATHVANI che MOTI de.
Vadhdivasachya Hardik Shubhecha..!


Kadhi Ragavlat Kadi Hasalat,
Manatal Amchya Nehmi Olakhalat,
Tumchya Manatla Dukh Kadi Na Samjun Dile,
Pan Ayushyat Amahala Tumi Khup Sukh Dile.
Happy Birthday To You…!


Jeevanat Aalo Tujya Mule,
Prem Milale Tujya Mule,
Mayechya Pankhat Vadhalo Tujya Mule,
Aaj Je Kahi Ahe Tujyamule.
Tula Vadhdiwasachya Shubechcha..!
Happy Birthday


Tumi Ek Premache Pratik Aahat,
Tumchya Mule Amchya Jeevnat Prakash Aahe.
Tumhala Majya Kadun Khup Khup Shubechha.
Karan Aaj Tumcha Vadh-Diwas Aahe.
Happy Birthday


Bhau Asava Tujya Sarkha,
Kadi Bhandnara Kadi Prem Denara,
Bhau Asava Tujya Sarkha,
Kadi Vat Dakhavnara Kadi Vatevar Chalvanara,
Aajcha Diwas Ahe Tujya Janmacha,
Sarvana Aanandi ani Sukh Denara,
Wishing You Happy Birthday


Me Khup Baghyavan Ahe,
Mala Bahin Milali,
Majya Manatil Bhawana Samjanari,
Mala Ek Sobati Milali,
Pratek Jeevanat Tuch Mazi Bahin Asavis,
Aajchyach Diwashi Mala Bahin Mhanun Tu Milali.
Wishing You Happy Birthday

Marathi font Birthday wishes for best friends

They are the once with whom you shared information about your first high school crush at the age of sweet & hot 16. They are the once with whom you shared the first cigarette behind the graveyard far from your home at the age of 17-18, they are the once who mad you drink your first pack of whiskey at college back gate at the age of 19-20.

The list of some special and most important moments enjoyed with friends will never end so make them realize the importance of their existence in your life with the help of some funny and sweet birthday wishes in the form of SMS with the help of a click on the link below. Download and send these chosen happy Birthday wishes for best friends in Marathi font.

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