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How to surprise your friend on their birthday?


It’s your friend’s birthday, and you want to make her/his day special, but you are not getting ideas so friends; we are here to give ideas on how to surprise a friend on birthday.

If your friend lives with you so wake her up at midnight and wish her,  if you forget to bring a cake for her then you feed her or him something sweet. Then in the morning wake up before her /him and prepare their breakfast for them.surprise-party-invitation_for-friends-birthday

How to surprise your friend on birthday?

You can make their birthday a hunt. You can start this hunt by keeping a flower and bouquet and also keep a slip in it birthday-surprise-partywhich directs them to another clue, then other clues and at the end take them to place where you have arranged for their birthday party.

If your friend loves handmade things, then arrange a small party for her. Invite their friends and with their help decorate their room, if someone knows baking so bake cake for them, make handmade greeting cards and gifts. They will make them love your this surprise.

Give them a gift in a different style. Blow the balloons as many as all you can. Then fill the room with those balloons and now place a gift in between those balloons, now when your friend come tell her to find out her gift among the balloons. You can also put small gifts inside the balloons and after blowing them mix them with other balloons now ask your friend find her gift from those balloons but give them few attempts to burst balloons. It will be great fun.

If you are not getting an idea what to gift, then you can surprise her by giving a tree. Now you will ask what surprise in a tree is. So guys make a tree of things she likes, make a different tree with different things. Like make a chocolate tree, make a money tree, you can make a beer tree and anything your friend love.


Also you can use our collection of Happy Birthday Poems for Friends for sending beautifully crafted poems for best emotions.

If you are working in the same office, so on their birthday before your friend come into the office. Collect all the staff members or your colleagues and wish her birthday by singing birthday song at the free time you all can give a performance on her favorite song.

So guys by our post “how to surprise your friend on birthday” surprise your friends and make their day memorable.

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