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Life is a beautiful gift and when love is added to it. True love is the best thing in our life. This page is for all those who want to express him/ her. True Love Quotes will make it easier to do so.

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Strong Quotes About True Love <3

You are happy: the Perfect Match is found. The heart is throbbing and the mind is full of romantic ideas. But these are your heart and mind. How does your passion know about your feelings? Sure, some love quotes are needed to express your Love.

Everyone in the your group friends, relatives and family know that you are meant together. You both know that you are in lucky enough to find  true love. Show your boyfriend / girlfriend that this is not fling this is Love – True love and nothing else.

I love you Quotes

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So think twice before saying “I love you”. These words may or may not be suitable. Maybe she or he is waiting for some unique and special love quotes? Therefore, try to find those words that are the perfect match. Only you are able to decide.

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Love Quotes

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I love you Quotes

  • When I saw you,
    I was afraid to meet you…
    When I met you,
    I was afraid to kiss you…
    When I kissed you,
    I was afraid to love you.
    Now that I love you,
    I’m afraid to lose you.

True Love Sunset

  • To love someone is nothing,
    to be loved by someone is something,
    but to be loved by the one you love is everything.

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Beautiful Love Quotes

Beautiful Love Quotes

If you’re asking if I need you,
the answer is forever.
If you’re asking if I will leave you,
the answer is never.
If you’re asking what I value,
the answer is you.
If you asking if I love you,
the answer is I DO.


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature
to stop speech when words become superfluous.

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Love may be blind, but seems to be able to find its way in darkness.. that’s why you brought me out there. I Love You.

Quotes of Love

Love is like playing the piano.
First you must learn to play by the rules,
then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

I trip, I slip, I stumble and fall, and usually I don’t mind it at all… But now I don’t know what to do coz I slipped and fell love with you.

If love can be avoided by simply closing your eyes, I wouldn’t blink at all for I don’t want to let a second passes having fallen out of love with you.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, call on me and I’ll be there but still I don’t wanna see you cry coz every drop of your tear is every wound in my heart.

Even if love is full of thorns, I’d still embrace it for I know that in between those thorns, there is a rose that’s worth all the pain.

Love is the most wonderful feeling, inspiring you and giving you joy and strength. But sometimes it can also hurt you in the end.

My eyes start to water, my hear feels hurt and my mind starts to wonder. As I’m filled with memories, I’ll realize that I do and still I’m deeply in love with you.

Love is beyond questions. Love is one’s self. If you are truly in love, you want the person you love to be happy without expecting anything in return.

I have seen my years living with you, holding your hands.. saying such words.. words saying you love me from this moment until our lives are through.

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And best of luck!

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